About us

How it started?

In 2019, we opened a nightclub in Rotterdam with our party called Super Rich Kids. The idea behind the name is that there's more to life than just money; anyone can be a Super Rich Kid. We encouraged people to come to the club and have fun with friends, dance, flirt, and enjoy life in their own way. Our slogan became "Happiness is the new Rich."


From the start, the party was a huge success. People loved the name, the logo, the music, the vibe, and the crowd. We decided to order 300 t-shirts with our original logo in three different colors to give away to our DJs, friends, and community members. The t-shirts arrived in March 2020, but a week later, COVID hit. The clubs closed, and our lives changed. So, we decided to sell the t-shirts through our online community. 


In about three weeks, we sold out everything. Without a website or a delivery company (we delivered them ourselves), we realized we were onto something good. We ordered more shirts for that summer and hoodies for the winter. Both sold out quickly. By the end of 2021, the club was still closed and the party wasn't happening.


In 2022, we decided to take our clothing brand to the next level. We expanded our collection, launched our own website, started marketing, and began building the brand into a real business. Which became a great success.

Now that our club is open again, we see our t-shirts worn by people dancing and having a great time in our club. It's amazing to witness how our brand has grown and become a part of the vibrant atmosphere we always aimed to create.

About us

Super Rich Kids is a fashion and lifestyle brand established in november 2019. The concept of our Super Rich Kids clothing brand was born from the desire to transfer the success of our nightclub into a style that is suitable for everyday use. With a focus on unisex and oversized fits that offer comfort and style, combine them in your own way to express your personal style and show who you are. 


Our brand captures the essence of freedom, fun and community. Its more than just fabric and stitching; it is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Let's create a world where fashion not only looks good but feels good. Our collections are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable wherever you are. Accessible to everyone and wearable in all your own creative ways.


Super Rich Kids is not just about what you wear, but about who you are and the people you share your life with. We encourage you to embrace the richness of friendship, family and happiness, and to celebrate every moment. Happiness is the new RICH!


Our goal for the coming years is to inspire and motivate our community and anyone who feels inspired by what we create.